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RT @briankoppelman: I was certain a Trump presidency would look like this. Said it over and over here. But the reality makes me sadder than I thought it would.
RT @ShaunKing: Friends, ALL HANDS ON DECK. We have not yet identified these two men who brutally assaulted Deandre Harris. Pleas… https://t.co/uOEYUIwPau
RT @barry_corindia: Nazis and Klansmen on the street. This is the picture that needs to go viral. Not jokes about Tiki torches. https://t.co/61BTIZPhO8
RT @LewisHowes: Amazing time yesterday interviewing the incredible @BreneBrown - she is a gem of a human and get her book here… https://t.co/Y6razLSjR1
The man himself Mr. Elon Musk https://t.co/gwu6Keevnn